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Have The Names Of Three Potential FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Directors Been Revealed??

Merrick here...
Sources for are saying that Fox may be close to selecting the director who'll re-launch its FANTASTIC FOUR bigscreen franchise, and that a "short list" of candidates is in place. Names on that list are said to include (but are not necessarily limited to) James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA and NINJA ASSASSIN), Joe Carnahan (NARC, SMOKIN' ACES, THE A-TEAM movie), and David Yates (the final four HARRY POTTER films). An interesting spectrum, as each of these directors would make a radically different kind of picture than the others. I may be completely wrong here...or perhaps I'm merely stating the obvious...but I'm betting this indicates that The Powers That Be have, themselves, not definitively settled on what kind of FF movie they want to put on screens. If is right, we should know something further sooner than later. That selection should be...telling. Find more HERE.
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