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More BILL & TED 3 Talk - This Time From Alex Winter!!

Merrick here...
Over the weekend, the New Beverly in L.A. held a screening of the BILL & TED movies. Alex Winter was in attendance and fielded a few questions from the crowd. Inevitably, the subject turned to that third B&T adventure we've been hearing about.
Here's a report from an AICN reader called Filmmaven...
Hi all, The New Beverly in LA had a most excellent double feature last night, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Last night, Alex Winter was in attendance to intro both films and had a Q&A in between them. The double feature was a sell out. He had some interesting and amusing stories to tell. How he and Keanu were sober for maybe a few days of the shoot during Excellent Adventure. How he nearly killed Tony Cox, one of the Stations, in Bogus Journey. How his popularity sky rocketed overnight. The experience of bringing his son to Raging Waters in San Dimas, without even thinking about the reaction it would get. How they shot in Rome because Dino DeLaurentiis owns Rome. A little kid asked if there would be a third adventure. He was amused that it was a child that asked that question. He said that the three of them, Keanu, Ed Solomon and himself, have been kicking ideas around. First and foremost, they don't wanna make a crap movie, as he put it. They've even had ideas that even children wouldn't be able to see the movie. If they come up with a story that they feel worthwhile, it will happen. Personally, I hope it isn't a Crystal Skull. As for me, having not seen either film in a long time, I found myself liking Bogus Journey even more. I wasn't a fan of it when I first saw it way back when but I actually like it now. Ed Solomon will be on hand for a Q&A at tonight's screening at 7:30pm. FYI...the New Beverly is screening "The Transformers-The Movie" (1986) at midnight this Saturday. Be excellent to each other! Filmmaven
I'm an enormous fan of BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, Filmmaven...I was initially unmoved by BOGUS JOURNEY, its sequel. And, like Filmmaven, a few months back I caught an HD broadcast of the picture and enjoyed far more than I had before. A lot of great stuff there...
My understanding is that a potential third film would find Bill & Ted in realtime...i.e. as adults. While, personally, I can understand the desire not to have these characters diluted or de-mystified by seeing them as "grown-ups", I can also imagine there could be quite a bit of fun watching decidedly...different and challenged...Bill & Ted trying to deal with precepts of adult responsibility while also confronted by some fucked-up, OTT scenario. I'm not a big one for unnecessary sequels, and I'm not altogether convinced this one is particularly "necessary." But, honestly, this is one movie I hope gets made.
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