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Hey folks, Harry here. This is the put up or shut up time for Anime fans in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. If PRINCESS MONONOKE doesn't do well there... The movie will not open wide across the country. Now I know... it is Miramax's duty to open this film and push it as hard as they can.... BUT... It is your duty to get your ass in the damn seat and pay to see the movie. As fans, we want more illustrated cinema... Animated movies that don't pander JUST to kids. It is a form of storytelling, not a genre. So... Here we go. PRINCESS MONONOKE's future lays in the asses of fans in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area... See it often, drag your friends, wear placards and walk the streets. CPR time folks.... A great film needs your support!

Hi, Harry -

Jeremy Stomberg (from the CONvergence Board of Directors) here. I was just at a preview screening of Princess Mononoke here in Minneapolis, and wanted to tell you what's going on.

Neil Gaiman did a Q&A after the film, and the deal is: "Princess Mononoke" is opening in THIRTEEN theaters in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. This is the only metropolitan area that it is opening wide. Based on how it does attendance-wise here, Miramax will be deciding whether or not to open it wide in any other cities.

The point is: GO. If you live in Minneapolis, GO. If you have friends or family in Minneapolis, tell them to go. If you live closer than Chicago, drive to Minneapolis and SEE "PRINCESS MONONOKE"!!! It's about time a serious, not-for-kids animated movie does well in the US.

Thanks, Harry! Loved you on Ebert!

Jeremy Stomberg

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