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Danny Boyle's 127 HOURS trailer hits - a new wave in suspense begins...

Hey folks, Harry here and it seems we have the new wave in suspense film making. Lionsgate has BURIED with Ryan Reynolds - about a soldier buried alive with his cel phone by, well... bad people. Or at the very least people with different priorities. Now we see that Danny Boyle's 127 HOURS is about being alone, stuck, in the middle of nowhere... and let's see how it turns out for James Franco. Then there's Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY - about an astronaut that has a cataclysmic accident that separates her from the Hubble on a declining orbit in the vastness of space. Probably constantly in contact, but hopelessly screwed. Now, this isn't anything particularly new... We all remember OPEN WATER, right? Hitchcock explored the theme with LIFEBOAT, but I do think this is the first time that we've had a series of films hit with the common theme of being hopelessly alone. Now the first to get released is going to be BURIED. Everyone that I know that has seen it has the highest recommendations for the film. I know it is also hard to bet against Danny Boyle and 127 HOURS. And if you're going to bet against Alfonso Cuaron and GRAVITY - you're insane. I just think it is fascinating that we've got a series of high quality alone films coming. Of course you're waiting for this link where you can see the trailer for 127 HOURS. This is so not a film for my Dad. He got stuck for hours spelunking and DESCENT freaked him. This. This is his nightmare.

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