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Fascinating Interview With NEW HOPE, EMPIRE, And GRAFFITI Producer Gary Kurtz!! (This Isn't The Recent L.A. Times Piece)

Merrick here...
A few weeks back, Quint linked out to this L.A. Times article in which STAR WARS and EMPIRE producer Gary Kurtz discusses his time with Lucas, a vision of RETURN OF THE JEDI that didn't pan out, etc. Interesting stuff to be sure, and it reminded me that my buddy Ken Plume - one of the best interviewers and finest people I've ever known - spoke to Kurtz back in 2002. 'Twas a sprawling discussion touching on some of the same subjects as the Times piece linked above, but in much finer detail. This is one of the most truthful and insightful discussions I've come across regarding adventures in the film industry, life with Lucas, and shifting tides on the STAR WARS franchise. It's nine pages long as presented on A Site Called Fred, but if you've any interest whatsoever in STAR WARS in general, the shenanigans of early Lucas, or in the trials and tribulations of film making as a whole...I can't recommend this piece strongly enough. You can find it HERE. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some special material relating to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Its 30 year anniversary isn't over just yet...
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