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PIRANHA 3D - THE SEQUEL in the works already!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Taking advantage of the surprise critical reception and audience reaction for PIRANHA 3D Dimension has already announced a follow-up. No word on any returning cast or if they'll get Alexandre Aja back... hell, there's really nothing solid... I get the feeling from the press release that the studio is just as surprised at the success of Piranha as everybody else was and are scrambling now to get things together for the next film. What Piranha did right was hit the right blend of gore, nudity and campy comedy. Take note, M. Night. You said you wanted The Happening to be a B-movie after people started seeing it and laughing at it, but Piranha is an intentional B-movie. You can tell by the absurd heights this film reaches. The 3 minute long underwater nude ballet is proof positive you weren't meant to take this flick seriously. So, look for a sequel to happen. I hope they get Christopher Lloyd back and in a much bigger role! And flying fish in 3-D! And maybe this time they'll actually shoot it in 3-D so we don't get stuck with a similar headache-inducing crap conversion. Make it so! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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