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Updated: "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury" now w/ photo of Ray Bradbury watching!!!

Hey folks, Harry here and Quint may have his D-Box fetish... but I really do love slutty nerdy girls that sing "FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY". Have you seen this video?

Fuck Me, Ray
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I mean. It's fun. But I want you to rewatch it now, but imagine you're Ray Bradbury watching "FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY" - that concept makes this the greatest internet video ever. Now... Imagine Ray Bradbury talking to Ray Harryhausen about the video, "FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY" - and just imagine Ray Harryhausen's voice saying the title, "FUCK ME, RAY BRADBURY". And that is why this is the greatest video I saw this afternoon. Oh - Now imagine John Landis orchestrating two video teams to tape Ray Harryhausen watching FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY, then tape Ray calling Bradbury, then showing Ray Bradbury the video, Then putting that online.

Ok - giggle... I love that somebody did this. Here's Ray Bradbury's reaction to watching FUCK ME RAY BRADBURY and Susan Gerbic-Forsyth, her friend Matt Edward showed it to him. This has serious ruleage in tow!

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