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Alex Aja has been reading Manga & watching Anime... Does he read Scott Green?

Hey folks, Harry here and I've got sad news for those of you that love Aja's bloody work to date. Yes, it is true that one of the founding members of THE SPLAT PACK - speaking of which - you seen this:

As I was saying, one of the founding members of THE SPLAT PACK - is packing up his directing gear and is heading into outer space. Aja is adapting the Manga/Anime property, COBRA: THE SPACE PIRATE into a big budget space epic... Now, if you know the source material - it is sexy and has its fair share of violence - so I don't think that Eli & Adam and the others are going to kick him out of the Splat Pack.... but I'll ask Eli tonight. To read the total scoop on this story, Check out Mike Fleming's story that broke it all. Now if only Aja could invent a time machine and get 1970 Jean Paul Belmondo to play Cobra. That'd be the shit.

Hey, Scott Green with a little Space Adventure Cobra background

Though a few samples of Space Adventure Cobra did make it to North America, and it even got mixed into the line of Gobot toys, Space Adventure Cobra is one of number of anime globally popular, with little American recognition. And, Aja's native France is one of the spots where Cobra was a hit... attracting devotees like Luc Besson. The eponymous Cobra is basically Jean-Paul Belmondo as a pirate fighting space bounty hunter with a Psycho-gun laser arm. It's as shamelessly pulpy as that sounds. The original Buichi Terasawa manga ran in from Weekly Shonen Jump from 1978 to 1984, back when the home of Naruto could get away with ultra-violent Fist of the North Star, and the prevy Terasawa was far from retrained in his vision of robot women and far future ladies' wear. Among North American anime fans, it's a divisive series. Most haven't seen any. Some hate it. Some like it ironically. And for a few, its unrestrained sci-fi capers are offer a unique thrill. Episodes of the recent anime remake can be viewed on Crunchyroll.
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