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SPACE: 1999 Blu-Rays In The U.K. Are Cooler Than The U.S. Blu-Rays!!

Merrick here...
A few weeks ago, I giddily announced that SPACE: 1999 would be coming to Blu-Ray later this year. We now have a few more details to share about the forthcoming Season 1 (Series 1) set. There's been a little bit of confusion regarding whether these Blu-Rays would feature a new HD transfer, or if they'd somehow utilize the very handsome remasters we enjoyed when this series hit DVD a few years back. The answer both. Before the release of the SPACE: 1999 DVDs that are currently on the market, a new HD transfer of the entire series was undertaken. This HD transfer was then down converted for the show's standard DVD release. These new Blu-Rays will utilize the full extent of the same HD transfer (i.e. the one that was downconverted) - but this'll be the first time we've seen the series in actual HD, and I'm told it looks fantastic. Network DVD, which is releasing the SPACE: 1999 Blus in the UK on October 11, has posted more information about extras to be included in the Season 1 set on its website. Not all of the extras seen on the UK release will make it onto A&E's issuance of the title here in the U.S. So, if you're Geeking for a particular feature you see on the list below, you might consider importing the Blu-Ray from U.K. - which also means you'll need a region free device to play it. Nonetheless, here's a list that at least gives us a hint at what'll be contained on the U.K. set (even though, annoyingly and illogically, the U.S. set will have less of it).
• Digitally restored, High Definition transfers • Dolby 5.1 tracks • Original 'as broadcast' mono track • Music-only tracks on all episodes except Breakaway and Dragon’s Domain • Anderson commentary on Breakaway and Dragon’s Domain • Extensive HD image galleries of rare and previously unseen stills • HD image galleries of gum and cigarette cards • HD restored, textless titles • HD, digitally restored version of series two episode The Metamorph • "These Episodes" featurettes (selected individual episode analysis – expanded version from that seen on the DVD) • "Memories of Space” featurette • Sylvia Anderson interview • Series One textless generic titles • "Horizon" behind the scenes footage • "Concept and Creation" featurette • Special effects and design featurette • Text episode commentaries on The Last Sunset and Space Brain’ • "Clapperboard" two-part special on the work of Gerry Anderson from 1975 • "Guardian of Piri Remembered" • Barry Gray's theme demo • Alternative opening and closing titles • Martin Landau and Barbara Bain US Premier intro and outro • SFX plates and deleted SFX scenes - with music track • Alien Attack - trailers • Journey Through the Black Sun – trailer • ad bumpers • Lyons Maid ice Lolly advert • Script PDFs • Annual PDFs • Commemorative booklet
SPACE: 1999's UK packaging appears below. The U.S. release is currently up for pre-order HERE - it hits November 2. Season 1 arrives in the U.K. a few weeks earlier, on October 11, and can be pre-ordered HERE. Crap. Looks like I'm gonna be needing a multi-region Blu-Ray player. Cost is a consideration - any recommendations? Stay tuned...more to come.
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