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How? But? What?? Betty Draper To Play Emma Frost In Next X-MEN??

I am – Hercules!! January Jones, who first caught my eye when she was playing Alyson Hannigan’s kid sister in one of those horrible “American Pie” movies, is playing Emma Frost in “X-Men: First Class,” according to Variety. But wait. Didn’t Deadline Hollywood's Mike Fleming tell us way back in June that the “She’s Out Of My League” girl, Alice Eve, was negotiating to play white queen Emma? And I read earlier this week that the great Oliver Platt (“The West Wing”) is playing a non-mutant called “The Man in Black”? And I think Quint had several sources tell him that Aaron Johnson, the guy who played Kick-Ass, is going to be the “First Class” Cyclops? And Rose Byrne ("Damages") is playing hot-doctor-to-the-mutants Moira McTaggart instead of Rosamund Pike or Olivia Williams? The roles of Beast, Banshee, Darwin and Scott Summers' kid brother Havok have apparently been cast as well. Kevin Bacon is playing a villain. Could be Mr. Sinister. Could be that Hellfire Club guy, Sebastian Shaw. IMDb has both 10-year-old Morgan Lily ("2012") and 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence ("The Beaver") replacing 37-year-old Rebecca Romijn as Msytique. All is confusion! This movie is coming out next summer! Fox needs to issue a press release already or Rupert Murdoch will have no choice but to fire Tom Rothman and put that Peter Rice guy in charge of everything! For those just joining us, “First Class” deals with the early relationship shared by Charles Xavier (James McEvoy) and Eric Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) before they became Professor X and Magneto, as well as the early days of Xavier’s school for mutants. It comes to us from the "Kick-Ass" team of writer-director Matthew Vaughn ("Layer Cake") and screenwriter Jane Goldman.
Variety's report also indicates 15-year-old Englisher Bill Millner ("Son of Rambow") will play Young Lensherr and Zoe Kravitz ("Fury Road") will play someone named Angel. Interesting! Find EW’s story about Variety’s story on the Emma Frost casting here.
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