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MONSTERS Are Coming!!

Merrick here...
A film called MONSTERS has been making the film festival rounds (MIFF, SXSW, the forthcoming Fright Fest) and causing a bit of a stir amongst those who've seen it. Seems it's pretty well done - can't wait to get a look at it myself. And soon, we'll all be able to do just that. You can now find the American trailer for MONSTERS' impending issuance in all kinds of Glorious QuickTime HERE. Although, frankly, I much prefer this International promo - which I find more atmospheric and illustrative:
It's feasible MONSTERS won't be opening in an actual theater near you Stateside, although it'll also be hitting PPV a tad earlier than its bigscreen release - so you should be able to find it if you look hard enough. I hear it's worth it.
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