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I had to kill The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day because it made a mistake. Now it’s time to erase that mistake.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes pic! That headline’s for you, DickJones! You know what I miss? Paul Verhoeven squibs. I don’t know what damned formula his guys use, but the bullet hits in RoboCop are the wettest, goriest explosions of flesh and viscera I’ve ever seen. Fuck reality, I want to see that! Just like I don’t want to hear the regular popping sound of guns in movies, I want to hear the powerful boom of hand-cannons. I like movies to have character. So, today’s picture is dedicated to the great Paul Verhoeven, who is featured along with ED209. It’s not a large picture, but it’s full of Verhoeven’s manic energy! And character. Just like his flick. Check out the pic. You have 20 seconds to comply:

If you have a pic you think should be included email me. I’m looking for the iconic, the rare or the just plain cool behind the scenes shots to feature here. Tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes pic speaks treason fluently! See you then! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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