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Future Deleted Scene on RETURN OF THE JEDI Blu Ray release! Pre-Jabba Palace... Kinda mega fricken cool!

Yes, I'm aware Quint posted the scene & the news. But I can't not not comment on this, too fucking cool!

Hey folks, Harry here with something kinda crazy awesome geeky cool. At the Star Wars Celebration that is going on right now - Jon Stewart is interviewing George Lucas and it has been revealed that we'll be getting the Original Trilogy on Blu Ray in 2011 (and probably the prequels, but my source didn't specify that) - but the cool news is that we're supposed to be getting some killer deleted scenes - and then they showed this one - which... Well, it looks as though this could have been the original opening of RETURN OF THE JEDI. Feel free to skip below to watch the scene...

Now that's pretty goddamn awesome... I love the notion that since Luke and Vader's encounter in EMPIRE - that during Vader's meditative states, he reaches out with the Dark Side of the Force to affect Luke's thoughts... like an echoey evil conscience. And yeah, then there's just a shot of him tweaking that lightsaber in a cave on Tatooine. This is the shit that gets my geek going into overdrive. Can't wait for 2011. I also got sent this - which is the whole INTRO to the scene - where Mark Hamill name checks FAMOUS MONSTERS!!! Wooo hoo! And this is the letter that came with the clip from NeoDelRio... Oh - love that Palpatine stuff in the letter:

Hi Harry, I am attending the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, FL. I just got out from the John Stewart interview with George Lucas (with special guests Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher). Please see the video below, and feel free to use. George reveals that the Star Wars Blu-Ray is coming out in 2011, and he shows a never before seen deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. The Scene is also in the video. It starts off with Darth Vader mentally communicating with Luke (to join Dark Side...) and then switches to Luke finishing the final touches on the construction of his new light saber, and then lighting it up. It is a very cool scene, but you can see how it didn't exactly fit in Jedi. Hope I am the first to forward you this info. You can call me NeoDelRio. Not in video, George also said that Emperor Palpatine did indeed kill his former master in his sleep, as was alluded to in Revenge of the Sith.

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