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This uncovered vintage AVENGERS trailer from the Fifties defies the time-space continuum with relish!!!

Hey folks, Harry here and if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw me tweet this trailer late last night as I was working on my DVD Column - but this is one of those things that just makes me love fandom, geeks and the world that many of us sit back and geek out about. Now this is a truly absurd editing exercise that makes no sense, but as Bruce Lee said, "Don't Think, FEEEEEEEEL!" and if you listen to the master - all will be right in this world of ours. Because this 1950's What If there was an AVENGERS movie before there was a comic.... is probably not too far off. NOW - there's a couple of challenges that this footage can provide for the healthy film geek... first - can you name all the Marvel Characters that are alleged to be shown in this nearly 3 minute trailer? Secondly - How much of this source footage can you actually name? Hell, I have the original one-sheet for the footage they used for CAPTAIN AMERICA starring the rough & tumble Dick Purcell, the original Captain America... But go on - let's see how good you folks are.

Joss - now, let's see you make a better trailer! :)

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