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Revealed!! The Oldster Cast

I am – Hercules!! If you haven’t heard the news, the next edition of “Survivor” pits 10 contestants 40 and older against 10 contestants 30 and younger. Now we learn only three contestants this season are over the age of 48. Jimmy Johnson, a Super Bowl winning ex-Cowboys coach, is now the second oldest individual to play “Survivor,” after season-one contestant Rudy Boesch, who competed at ages 72 and 76. Another new contestant, Dan Lembo, is now among six contestants who played the game at age 63 or older. There’s also an amputee named Kelly Bruno and a new element called “The Medallion of Power” that apparently helps with challenges. The women:
Kelly Shinn, 20 Nursing Student Mesa, Ariz.
Alina Wilson, 23 Art Student Downey, Calif.
Kelly Bruno, 26 Medical Student Current Residence Durham, N.C.
NaOnka Mixon, 27 Physical Education Teacher Los Angeles, Calif.
Brenda Lowe, 27 Paddleboard Co. Owner/Ex-NFL Cheerleader Miami, Fla.
Yve Rojas, 41 Homemaker Kansas City, Mo.
Jill Behm, 43 ER Doctor Erie, Penn.
Holly Hoffman, 44 Swim Coach Eureka, S.D.
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, 48 Goat Rancher/Retired Army Officer Fromberg, Mont.
Jane Bright, 56 Dog Trainer Jackson Spring, N.C. The fellows: Judson Birza, 21 Student Venice, Calif. Chase Rice, 24 Pro Race Car Jackman/Singer Charlotte, N.C. Ben "Benry" Henry, 24 Club Promoter Los Angeles, Calif. Matthew "Sash" Lenaham, 30 Real Estate Broker New York, N.Y. Shannon Elkins, 30 Pest Control Co. Owner Lafayette, La. Tyrone Davis, 42 Fire Captain Inglewood, Calif. Marty Piombo, 48 Technology Executive Mill Valley, Calif. Jimmy Tarantino, 48 Commercial Fisherman Gloucester, Mass. Dan Lembo, 63 Real Estate Executive Water Mill, N.Y. Jimmy Johnson, 67 TV Sports Broadcaster/Former Football Coach Islamorada, Fla Find more photos here. “Survivor” returns (and moves to Wednesday) Sept. 15, the night of the “Big Brother 12” finale.
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