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Vin Diesel + Tony Scott = HANNIBAL THE CONQUEROR Movie?? Who Knows??

Merrick here...
Via his Facebook page (HERE), Vin Diesel revealed that he's had at least one meeting with Tony Scott regarding his long-gestating HANNIBAL project. This isn't about Thomas Harris' Hannibal the Cannibal - it's about Hannibal the Conqueror (the elephant guy).
We talked about Hannibal and the Punic Wars and how by nature the story demanded three movies. The first movie centering around Hamilcar, Father of Hannibal and the Defender of Africa, in the First Punic War. He said he would get our friend Denzel to play Hamilcar. Haha, very super cool... Denzel is a friend, whom I admire and who has given industry advice that I use to this day. Him to playing Hamilcar and for Tony to Direct... exciting to say the least.
...says Diesel on his page (linked above). It's important to remember that this, in no way, means a Tony Scott directed HANNIBAL movie starring Vin Diesel is in any way a done deal. It just means...Vin's been talking to Tony Scott, about a project which may or may not happen with Mr. Scott's involvement. Still, the notion is intriguing to say the least. We haven't seen a Tony Scott historical epic yet...although I guess he produced Kevin Reynolds' TRISTAN + ISOLDE - which isn't really the same thing as we'd be talking about here. Or, am I forgetting something?
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