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BLADE RUNNER Screenwriter David Peoples Reteaming With BLADE RUNNER Director Ridley Scott For Sci-Fi Classic THE FOREVER WAR!!

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While we’re waiting for Damon Lindelof to rewrite Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel, we’ve news of another sci-fi project Scott plans to direct. It seems Scott has assigned David Webb Peoples (“Blade Runner,” “Ladyhawke,” “Unforgiven”) to pound out the script for Scott’s “The Forever War,” based on Joe Haldeman's acclaimed 1974 novel. Though we’ve known about Scott’s involvement with the project since October 2008, the news about Peoples emerged from Haldeman’s blog late Tuesday. The book, which I read and loved as a kid, is about elite soldiers in an interstellar war and how they deal with time dilation, a side effect of superfast space travel that causes them to age much more slowly than their planetbound friends and family. While only a few months seem to pass for the fighting men and women, decades are actually passing on Earth. Last I heard, Fox 2000 was the studio.
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