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Looks Like The G.I. JOE Sequel Has A Director!!

Merrick here...
I'm probably one of the few people in the universe who didn't hate Stephen Sommers' G.I. JOE movie, which is particualry odd given that it's one of the few Stephen Sommers films I could in any way tolerate (I guess I like most of the first MUMMY, but that was about it). You can read my review of the film HERE. Despite being roundly bludgeoned by critics and fans, the picture pulled down over $300 million globally in theaters alone...thus ensuring we'd see more of JOE's live action exploits. Towards this end, ZOMBIELAND scripters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernickwere were brought in to whip-up a second picture, and now it seems the developmental process is going well enough to get a director on-board the project. There'd been rumors Sommers might not direct this time around for a variety of politicized and contentious reasons. But...
There had been some doubts about whether Sommers would be brought back into the "Joe" fold, as there were conflicting reports across the blogosphere last summer that there had been some tension between Sommers and the studio, but the alleged bad blood appears to have been resolved. Channing Tatum is expected to reprise his role as Capt. Duke Hauser in the sequel, which is still in development at Paramount.
...says TheWrap HERE.

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