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Capone has a disturbing and tasty (and exclusive) bit of THE LAST EXORCISM for you!!!

Hey, folks. Capone in Chicago here.

At Comic-Con this year, I saw two films, both of which I hope to have reviews for soon. But I can tell you that I like both films immensely. One I expected I might enjoy quite a bit, and the other, well, I knew next to nothing about going in other than it was directed by Daniel Stamm, who did a small film I saw at SXSW in 2008 called A NECESSARY DEATH, a haunting piece that dealt with suicide, the corrupting power of the internet, and the dangers of an artistic dream. It was also a really cool film. Following the same documentary-/found-footage style of that film, Stamm (and producer Eli Roth) have structured a clever film that was supposed to expose exorcisms and exorcists as phonies. I'll say no more at this point, but things don't quite work out for the film's subject, a fake preacher who scams hillbillies into thinking their family members are possessed and charges them a pretty penny to cast out the demons inside.

Lionsgate has given Ain't It Cool News this exclusive video clip/trailer that sheds a little light on this frequently twisted and scary little gem. See what you think…


-- Capone
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