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Fans of Film Music Unite in LA!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here calling all fans of film music in the Los Angeles area to unite for a very special score-loving related event! Last year Film Score Monthly hosted a rather impromptu get together where fans of film scores got together and geeked out about the ever evolving world of soundtracks. Inspired by the event, one super soundtrack fan has decided to rekindle the magic and up the ante this year. Check out the notice below:
******* The Fans of Film Music Assemble with a host of Film Scoring Avengers! Inspired by the convergence of film score fans last year at the studios of Film Score Monthly in Los Angeles, super soundtrack fan Peter Hackman has now planned a similarly-themed get-together to occur on August 28th at Dark Delicacies in Burbank from 11 - 2 PM. At this private event, score fans will get a chance to share their film music admiration, and then hear from an assembly of composers that includes John Debney ("Iron Man 2"), Tyler Bates ("Watchmen"), Chistophe Beck ("Percy Jackson"), John Ottman ("Superman Returns"), Stu Phillips ("Knight Rider") and Christopher Young ("Hellraiser"), and the heads of La La Land Records ("Batman") Michael Gerhard and Matt Verboys. The panel will be moderated by film music journalist Daniel Schweiger (host of "On the Score" at This is a private event and there are very limited seats left. Just send in your request to to find out more info, and get your spot for the cool start-up of the Fans of Film Music Gatherings!


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