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Hey Chicago! Capone has more details about the free Rolling Roadshow screening of THE BLUES BROTHERS at the Joliet Prison!!!

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. A couple of weeks ago, the Alamo Drafthouse's 2010 Rolling Roadshow announced its summer screening schedule, and I posted it on the site. But I wanted to make a special plea to the folks I see on a regular basis about the blessing we're getting thanks to the good folks that put these events together. I wanted to tell you about something so stupendous, something so magnificent, happening in Chicagoland in a couple weeks, that any true movie lover…hell, any true Chicagoan…would be a fool to miss. And to top it all off, the event in question is free. For me personally, this event the realization of a long-time dream to have a little slice of the Alamo Drafthouse here in Chicago. The crew of the Drafthouse and the Rolling Roadshow are the kings and queens of Special Events, and if you come to the screening, you're hear how this event came to be. On Friday, August 13, the good folks of the Alamo Drafthouse's 2010 Rolling Roadshow (co-sponsored by Levi's brand) have organized a screening of the classic John Landis-directed THE BLUES BROTHERS to take place in the only place it truly could--just outside the walls of the Old Joliet Prison--from where "Joliet" Jake Blues (John Belushi) is released at the beginning of the film. The address is 1125 Collins Street, Joliet, IL. Make it your mission from God to make it to this once-in-a-lifetime event. Start time appears to be 8:00pm. Don't be late. And did I mention, the screening is free? Well, it is. For those of you not familiar with the (Rolling Roadshow), it's this wonderful traveling gift to cinema, during which specific locations across the nation are paired with films that were shot or set in that city. ROBOCOP screens in Detroit; THE GODFATHER, PART II screening on the rooftops near New York's Little Italy; the first three ROCKY movies screen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And the list goes on. These are 35mm, outdoor screenings on a huge screen. For all the details on THE BLUES BROTHERS screening, go to the (Rolling Roadshow BLUES BROTHERS site). Specifics on attendance and what you might need to bring will be added soon. And the organizers are asking that everyone who wants to attend to RSVP via the (event's Facebook page). I simply can't imagine anyone in a 500-mile radius of the Joliet Prison even thinking about missing this historic event. I'll see you there, music lovers and true believers.
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