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Intriguing! Nick Cave + THE CROW...

Merrick here...
A few months ago, all seemed to be going swimmingly on the Ed Pressman produced, Stephen Norrington readaptation of THE CROW (details HERE). Somewhere between the beginning of June and now...things they tend to do on Norrington projects. Seems the always compelling Nick Cave (composer of THE ROAD and THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES, screenwriter of THE PROPOSITION) is being brought in to offer his interpretation of James O'Barr's source material..
Pressman recently told TheWrap that none other than iconic musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave has come on to rewrite the script. Hiring Cave to rewrite Norrington's script is a bold move, but it may prove to be worth it in the long run, as Cave may be the perfect choice to help resurrect the fading franchise.
...says The Wrap HERE. Cave once scripted a GLADIATOR sequel for Russell Crowe, which tracked Crowe's Maximus through his afterlife (Roman gods), his reincarnation, and set his immortal character on a HIGHLANDER-esque journey into various combat arenas across time (like World War II and Viet Nam) ending in the modern day Pentagon (if I understand the premise correctly). What glorious madness. I've never actually read that script...never came across it for some reason. If anyone out there has it...and are willing to e-mail it... Wonder if Cave will work any of his GLADIATOR thematics into his take on THE CROW?
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