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The Singular Moment of Comic Con... GREEN LANTERN kid!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... About 10 minutes ago, I took two NyQuil liquid caps - to give me great rest as I fight the Comic Con Funk I caught by shaking 1000s of fans hands and just having the best damn time ever.

But before the power of those two magic GREEN capsules knock me into dreamland I had to share what the entire COMIC CON experience boiled down to. GREEN LANTERN KID!

This is Comic Con on its best foot. Too often the questions in HALL H are done by strange characters doing a bit of self-promotion... like that Drew McWeeny fellow... or that fat slob from AICN. No - that's not what it should be. I remember COMIC CON as a kid. I first went in 1974 and didn't miss one till 1979. At that time, I was one of the very very few kids that attended COMIC CON. At that point, it was an Adult Event. No, not titties and strippers - and g-stringed ass cheeks.... Not like today. Back then, the kids were 16-25. The OLD dealers in the room were in their 30s. And Gods walked the floor. That's how I got to know Jack Kirby, the Nine Old Men of Disney and how Frank Brunner came to pour a beer on my head at the age of 6.

For me, I'll always look at COMIC CON with childlike wonder - like the goofy grin I held in place throughout the TRON LEGACY footage, or sharing the stage with THE EXPENDABLES or just watching what little footage they showed of GREEN LANTERN. It was the sheer concept... This is it. A GREEN LANTERN movie. I hated that I had to be a grown up and do a very serious business dinner - instead of being in HALL H for THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA footage... or the AVENGERS assembling on stage.

But that's alright. I'm fine, because of this kid. The second I saw him at the mike, I remember being that age and asking Charles Schultz if I could adopt SNOOPY. At the same age as this boy, Guillermo Del Toro wrote Forrest J Ackerman a letter to see if Uncle Forry would adopt him and let him live at the ACKERMANSION.

Being a little Boy can be a magnificent thing at a place like this. Yoko and I tear up telling the story of what happens in this video because THIS IS PURE. This is the best thing that can happen. Where a little boy can meet his hero and ask him that burning question that he has in his soul. That question that forces him to get up in a room of thousands, to fight his way in line, to reach the microphone and...

There's a lot of shooting left on GREEN LANTERN. My impression of the panel and the footage... well, as informed by having read the script... I'm ecstatic. We're about to see an ENORMOUS SCIENCE FICTION SUPERHERO FRANCHISE get launched. We're going to see 1000s of Green Lanterns, a certain Yellow embodiment of pure evil, SINESTRO as the greatest of Green Lanterns - and Hal Jordan's trek to become the greatest Lantern of them all... Forever.

I saw Ryan Reynolds swing his ring adorned fist - and ferocious Green ID MONSTER of a fucking Fist knock the fillings out of bad guys... and my 6 year old operating the controls inside my belly cheered!

We are about to see things we never dreamt of theatrically... not with a chance of being fulfilled. OA? Really. ASGARD? Yup! A RAINBOW BRIDGE? THE FUCKING INFINITY GAUNTLET? That too! And Captain America in WORLD WAR 2 dealing with the RED SKULL who apparently has the fucking COSMIC CUBE? REALLY? FOR REAL? Like... combining the SILVER AGE RED SKULL with the awesome period of the GOLDEN AGE? Yes please!

Want to see 4 GREEN LANTERN teaser posters?

Ryan's Poster

Blake's Poster



We live in remarkably geek friendly times. Let's hope they truly earn that kid's awestruck smile in 2011. I think they will. When I awake, I'll begin the DVD COLUMN, Green Lantern Oath!

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