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Look Upon The American Godzilla For 2012!! Make Him Use His Nuke Breath!!

Merrick here... This story got kinda funky... Several sites are running some of the details you see below, while one or two others are reporting that the following (specifically the Godzilla design) is erroneous. Harry's folks say it's here you go. Enjoy!

Merrick here...
One of the more clever, and understated, reveals of this year's Comic-Con was the unveiling of the new Americanized Godzilla - still slated to hit the big screen via Legendary Pictures in 2012. The folks over at Talking Dog Studios developed a promotional T-shirt that featured this striking artwork of the beast's design...
...which apparently made the rounds at SDCC. Pretty cool piece of art in my opinion - the image suggests we'll get a film more closely resembling the GODZILLA pictures we love and understand, as opposed to something like, say, Emmerich and Devlin's 1998 interpretation. But there's more to this shirt and art than meets the eye. Via the peculiar magic of Augmented Reality, anyone wearing these T-shirts can make Godzilla spew out his famous fire effect that looks something like this:
The embed above is from an interesting "Making of..." blog that can be found HERE, by the way. if you're like me...i.e. shit out of luck and without that badass Godzilla shirt that breathes's a super cool little trick. If you click THIS LINK, you can access a high-res version of the Geektacular image seen above. If you print out said image, you can return to THIS location - from there you can do that jiffy-cool nuke breath stuff on your own webcam and computer, with your own printout, without a shirt. This stuff is a lot of fun...and a tip-of-the-hat to whoever conjured up such an inventive ploy. And, again, I dig that art. Here's hoping whoever ends up making this thing embraces the vibe suggested by that image. All of this is awesome, but I still want a damn shirt...
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