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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day Strikes Back!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes pic! So, The Empire Strikes Back turns 30 years old this year and thanks to a loving reader and Star Wars junky I find myself with a plethora of great pictures from that particular installment. I thought I loved the movie, but 98% of these pictures were new to me. So, instead of dumping them all at once (where’s the fun in that?) or turning this column into Behind of the Scenes Pic From The Empire Strikes Back of the Day I figured the best solution was to pepper an Empire pic in very liberally… once or twice a week or until it starts getting old. But I doubt it’ll get old. These pictures are amazing, the movie is amazing and we’re all nerds for this flick, right? So, let’s kick it off with young Skywalker pulling double duty as Rebel pilot and slate handler:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, squirts. Tons of greatness in store over the next weeks and months! If you have a pic you think should be included email me. I’m looking for the iconic, the rare, the just plain cool behind the scenes shots to feature here. Tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes pic features another well known rebel. See ya’ then! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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