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The Avengers Assemble at Comic-Con! First look at the full line-up!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Right after the Thor panel (coverage coming very soon) Kevin Feige, Marvel movies head honcho, asked us if we wouldn’t mind staying a bit later, that he had something he wanted to run by us. Lights go down and another video plays… it’s Sam Jackson’s voice narrating over a slowly illuminating symbol. Essentially he’s saying there will come a day when Earth’s mightiest heroes will be needed. On that day, we will meet… The Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson is introduced and takes the stage!

Introduces right hand man, Agent Coulson (aka Clark Gregg). “My right hand woman…You know her as Black Widow… Scarlet Johansson! The God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth! The first Avenger, Captain America… Chris Evans!” Tons of cheers. Then “You know him as Tony Stark… Robert Downey Jr.!” and the roof was blown off the place.

Downey takes the mic. “Don’t anybody stab anybody anywhere until I’m done talkin’!” referring to a stabbing incident in the hall earlier in the day. Vintage Downey. No shit. Someone got stabbed.

“I come before you a very humble man, strangely, this evening, to be in this most excellent company. I don’t mean to mention other movies, but did anybody see Inception? I think that was probably just about the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen. Then I thought, ‘Wait a goddamn second! Marvel Studios is going to take all of their top superheroes and they’re going to put them all together in The Avengers? That’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever seen!’” Then Downey announced the official casting of both Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Bruce Banner/Hulk. Jeremy Renner, playing Hawkeye, and Mark Ruffalo, playing Bruce Banner, took the stage… along with Joss Whedon.

And then the Avengers were assembled (click the first, longer pic for a bigger version):

The place went ballistic. Highlight of the Con, without a doubt. More in-depth coverage of the Thor Panel, the Cap panel and some catch-up articles coming from me in the near future! Stay tuned! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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