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AICN Readers - Stallone is ready for your questions! Ask Away!

Hey folks, Harry here... I have to get up in too few hours, but I wanted to pass this along before dozing. THE EXPENDABLES panel was INSANE. From the panel with Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Dolph (as that lovely lady's shirt read!), Randy Couture and of course... Stallone... to Bruce Willis crashing our panel - to the audience in HALL H which just frankly made that panel awesome - I mean, if you've never seen 10,000 people react to a nut-crunching back-blistering set of clips and scenes from an action film that understands... THIS IS BRAVURA MANHOOD! Well, I did today and wow. Before the panel, Sly came over and let me know that he'd like to begin answering questions on AICN this Monday. 10 at a time - for quite some time. I can't remember exactly how long - I'm sure I'll have that for y'all shortly, but it will run for a while - daily. You can ask - ANYTHING. Sly is not shy. One question at a time - it can be multi-part, but all those parts should make sense together. Sunday night, I'll send Stallone the first questions, with the intention of getting the first answers this Monday hopefully. How to ask? Send your questions to: Hk at with the following EXACT Subject line: Stallone will NEVER be EXPENDABLE! - Include your name and geographic location on this planet... I'll be picking the questions I most look forward to hearing answered - I'm going to have MERRICK back home try to find and put links together for the previous Q&As to include here later today - to hopefully have some of your questions answered before you even need to ask. But seriously, as it is... I'm only getting 4 hours tonight. Comic Con attendees - You Folks Rule! AICN readers - Tons of love tonight!

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