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Comic-Con horror fans! Want to see the shelved fest favorite ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE Thursday night?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The good people behind the sweet horror flick ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE (starring Amber Heard before she started being cast in the likes of ZOMBIELAND, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and the upcoming THE WARD from John Carpenter, THE RUM DIARY against Johnny Depp and DRIVE ANGRY 3-D against Nic Cage) that was picked up by the Weinsteins back in the day and shelved for the same reasons they shelved 80% of the stuff they picked up from fests... I guess a gnome or leprechaun told them to. That's my theory. Anyway, it's a great little horror flick that no one got to see on the big screen outside of film fest audiences. The producers of the film are bringing a print to Comic-Con and are renting out a theater to house some lucky Comic-Con fans who will see the full feature on the big screen as well as some footage from an unannounced upcoming martial arts flicks "starring some familiar faces." The screening is at 12:15am Friday morning/Thursday night at the Pacific Gaslamp. They're giving 60 seats to AICN readers attending the Con, so if you're free and want to have some late night scares (and be the first to see some new footage from an upcoming flick) all you gotta do is email this address right here with your name and the names of your guests. They'll let you know if you're in for the screening ASAP! Have fun and if you're there be sure to report back on whatever this footage screening is!

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