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A Script Review Of The New JUDGE DREDD Movie Is Now Online!!

Merrick here...
The Playlist has a script review of the new JUDGE DREDD film; the script's by Alex Garland (28 DAYS LATER, SUNSHINE, the unmade HALO film). Anything below would likely be considered SPOILER MATERIAL, although they're not terribly detailed.
Imagine DIE HARD taking place within the world of BLADE RUNNER; that’s the JUDGE DREDD [EDIT] MEGA CITY ONE is plagued by a new drug, SLO-MO, it slow’s everything down and producers visually stunning images, with time that moves at one percent normal. Dredd has a rookie shadowing him for the night (CASSANDRA ANDERSON), she has some special abilities that the CHIEF JUDGE thinks could be very useful, however her JUDGE APTITUDE test scored just put her below a pass. It’s up to DREDD to see if she has what it takes to be a Judge and one night to do so. The pair investigate a multiple homicide in PEACH TREE BLOCK. A place ran and controlled by the MA-MA CLANG. After busting one of Ma-Ma’s henchmen, Ma-Ma takes control and locks the entire place down, she seals the place with concrete shutters -- and no way out. Ma-Ma also tell’s everyone within the block to KILL THE JUDGES, or their families will suffer. Ma-Ma is the ultimate force in Peach Trees, more than the law, so everyone complies. Dredd and Anderson have to survive, holding onto their prisoner and try and escape the block. They begin on the ground floor and work their way up the 200 or so floors. [EDIT] this is a gritty film, that plays the world we are in as a realistic future, a very dark, unpleasant crime ridden world as Dredd explains ‘Tweleve serious crimes reported every minute. Seventeen thousand per day. We respond to around six percent’.
...says Playlist HERE. "I am the law" makes a few appearances, apparently. The new film, to be presented in 3D of course, will be directed by Paul Greengrass protege Pete Travis (VANTAGE POINT).
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