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Sam Raimi To Bring Us A Futuristic Wyatt Earp With SAINTS FOR SINNERS??

Merrick here...
Sam Raimi is attached to direct a big screen adaptation of Radical's graphic novel EARP: SAINTS FOR SINNERS.
The film and graphic novel re-imagines Earp — best known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, where he fought alongside his two brothers and compadre Doc Holliday — set in a future in which he takes on outlaws in a ravaged society where the only boomtown left is Las Vegas
...says THR HERE. Matt Cirulnick, a co-creator of the comic source material, will script the picture. As far as we know, Raimi's next film is still that OZ project (which essentially tracks how the man who would ultimate set himself up as "The Wizard" gets to Oz), so it's sounding like EARP will come a bit further down the road. [[ updated via iPad ]]
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