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Even More Photos From The TRANSFORMERS 3 Shoot In Chicago!! That Race Car Again!! More Sprawling Destruction!! Parachutes!!

Merrick here...
More on the filming of TRANSFORMERS 3 from our fine and industrious folks in Chicago (well done, everybody!) These just arrived from DarkJedi. One pic (the wrecked city block) is a different angle of an image we saw HERE. The other? Kind of a cool shot and I'm wondering how it'll fit into the film. The second image is EMBIGGENABLE.

One Creative Dude sent along another group of photos, this one showing more angles of the racecar Transformer we were introduced to HERE. :twould suck to be that car on the edge of that bridge...

Finally, Highrise -who sent us some of the images we saw HERE, grabbed a video of those folks jumping off of the tower. He was kind enough to embed the vid for our consideration.

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