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13 Pics From TRANSFORMERS 3's Chicago Shoot!! Men With Guns!! Streets Of Destruction!! A Bot On A Building!! Bay!!

Merrick here...
Our Chicago readers are on-the-ball and kicking-ass, sending in a butt load of photos from the filming of TRANSFORMERS 3 in Chicago. First off, well done, folks. Secondly, we appreciate your efforts...we really do. Thank you. First up, two EMBIGGENABLE!!! images from our man Highrise. The first picture gives you a nice sense of this production's scale. The second? Don't know if that's a one-off pic used only to promote the Chicago shoot, or our first glimpse of CGI robot from the new film. It'll be fun to see if that shot is actually used in the picture (I'm betting it won't be).

Here are some pics from Fat Kid Revolution. The top image shows Mister Bay talking to a man with, not surprisingly, a really big gun. The second? What's a location shoot on a Bay film without some ' boom'? And that one looks pretty reasonable - I like the little spindly tracers.

This final batch is from Eggwhisk, who contextualized his images thusly:
Transformers 3 was filming today in central Chicago, there seemed to be some drama at the N.Michigan Bridge, which had a car dangling at one end, as well as wrecked cars on fire. The whole thing was filmed via helicopter and a rig on a wire, although I must admit it was very hard to tell what was going on, but it looked like typical Michael Bay 'blowing shit up' stuff

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