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Kevin Bacon Will Menace X-MEN!! But In What Guise??

I am – Hercules!! Entertainment Weekly confirms rumors that Kevin Bacon is indeed playing a villain in “X-Men: First Class.” No word on which villain, but my money’s on the 100-year-old Nathaniel Essex, better known to funnybook fans as Mr. Sinister. But Bacon also could just be playing another angry army guy who doesn’t think the president knows what he’s doing. Bacon is new to the superhero game, though he did have a superpower in “The Hollow Man” and he fought the uncanny in “Tremors.” “First Class,” a prequel examining the early days of Xavier’s school for the gifted and his relationship with Eric “Magneto” Lensherr, comes to us from the "Kick-Ass" team of writer-director Matthew Vaughn ("Layer Cake") and screenwriter Jane Goldman. Matthew Vaughn himself kicks ass, and that is why I am excited about this movie. The cast so far: Charles Xavier: James McAvoy (“Wanted”) Eric Lensherr: Michael Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds”) Emma Frost: Alice Eve (“She’s Out Of My League”) Hank McCoy: Nicholas Hoult (“About A Boy”) Sean Cassidy: Caleb Landry Jones (“No Country For Old Men”) EW has also indicated Lucas Till ("Hannah Montana: The Movie") could be negotiating to play Cyclops' kid brother, Alex "Havok" Summers, who can expel plasma blasts. AICN sources have suggested Aaron Johnson, who played the title role in "Kick-Ass," will play Scott "Cyclops" Summers, though another Entertainment Weekly story indicates Johnson will not be in "First Class." Fox has yet to weigh in on Cyclops casting. Fox plans to release "First Class" next June. Find all of EW’s story on the matter here.
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