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Want to see a crazy rig they built for TRANSFORMERS 3?

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest cool thing from the set of TRANSFORMERS 3. Now earlier today, Merrick posted some photos I forwarded him from a Chicago spy. Now we have video footage of an enormous tilting set. Whatever you think of Michael Bay - you have got to admire the utter insanity of building a set like this. I mean, can you imagine the crazy engineering and the shit tons of blueprints and formulas that had to be written and understood before crazy builder people made the insane thing. You have to excuse me, I'm drunk as hell returning from a July 4th soiree. Twas awesome. Boobs were flashed. 7 women carried the host and put him to bed, because he could no longer do it. And yet, I come home and think this is cool. If it isn't. Blame the Jello Shots! Enjoy...

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