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While ECLIPSE absorbs the gross national product of the U.S. - Cast are appearing across the country allegedly...

Hey folks, Harry here... Now, I know that in talkback, you folks LOATHE the series. Or at least seem to be very vocal about it. That said, I accept the films for what they are, juvenile phenomenons concerning beastiality & necrophilia. And certainly, I can appreciate that kink. I've been longing after THE BRIDES OF DRACULA my entire life. And I've wanted to have crazy scratch sex with Sybil Danning's Werewolf... pretty much, forever. But the one thing that I have really admired about TWILIGHT - has been the promotion and exploitation of its resources. Like this press release I got sent. The notion that they've got 20 cast members spread out across the country to EASTER EGG at screenings... I'd love for Warners to do that for something like HARRY POTTER. Or for a movie like INCEPTION. I mean, how cool would it be if opening weeks had Odin, Thor, Sil, Loki, Jane Foster, the Heroes Three, Hemdale, etc showing up? That's really doing something fun for fans. I expect other studios to follow suit - sending out members of the Star Trek crew to a different theater multiple times a day, for the entire first week of release. What do you folks think?

THE CAST OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE WILL BE SURPRISING FANS & MOVIEGOERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY It’s official! THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE stars will be visiting theaters across the U.S. to introduce the latest film in the franchise which is already shattering box office records. Beginning tomorrow, July 2nd and extending through the holiday weekend, approximately 20 cast members will be popping up in theaters all over the country to show their appreciation for their fans, and thanking them for all of the excitement, enthusiasm and support they have shown. For more information about cast appearances and to see if one will be visiting your hometown, please visit for all the latest updates.
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