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Want to see a spoiler 1-Sheet for the conclusion of HARRY POTTER?

Hey folks, Harry here and Warner's just released this poster.

It is funny, I asked Yoko if she wanted to see the new Harry Potter poster - as I commented on how sad an image it is. She responded, "I've got a feeling that the world will be better once all the Harry Potter films are over." It is an interesting notion, that as the world for young master Potter has turned dark and dreary. With the various forces of Fiennes overpowering the young wizard... well our own world has conjured a lot of darkness as well. Is God punishing mankind for worshiping this Wizard? I'm sure that's what some may think. Me... I'm relatively sure that they are separate issues. BUT... ya never know. What if Potter films are the only things protecting us from the teetering brink? On 1 A.P. (After Potter) the Mayans predicted the end of all time. Hmmm...

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