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Harry's inner screaming teenage girl goes batshit nuts for SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here... there are very few things that I feel are created exactly, specifically, genetically for me. You know, that film that you'd do ludicrous things to see sooner. Like right now, I'm considering traveling to Japan solely to see this movie early. I mean, I'm dying. STARBLAZERS is that for me. From 3rd Grade through 6th Grade, I literally ran home from Robert E Lee Elementary at that speed you run when you're a kid... I could hear Steve Austin's bionic sound effects I ran so hard, and when I hit the front door of my house, I would give two shoves before I'd remember to turn the door knob. I'm leap onto my parents waterbed, grab the remote and tune in STARBLAZERS and BATTLE OF THE PLANETS - and if I had ran fast enough, I wouldn't have missed a second. As you can probably guess about me, there hasn't been much in my life that I felt like RUNNING to. But there was just something awesome about resurrecting an old WWII Battleship, modifying it for Space travel, converting the cannons to lasers... It just. It boggled my boyhood brain - and when I look at this trailer, I can tell the effects are not quite Hollywood... They're not quite as sharp as what we see domestically, but the fucking imagination and dream of those effects are everything I dreamed for them. This movie owns me. I want it like Bella wants Diamond cock. I need it now. If you've wanted your whole life to see this - I bet your brain melts too!

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