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While drinking at the Formosa Cafe in L.A. I found out the following about the BATMAN franchise at Warner Bros...

While hanging out with the lovely Lynn Bracken on my side at the fabuloso Formosa Cafe, I hooked up with Sid Hudgeons in a small mirror lined shady red booth. Kicked back a pair of drinks while Lynn enjoyed some Saki. Now Sid came up... introduced himself... handed me his card, bent over to my ear and told me that ol man Lorenzo has been running around flapping at the front lips about BATMAN. The Toy licensees have been demanding new product and ... well... Here's the scoop.

Apparently there are two scripts currently being developed separately on the lot. One is a BATMAN YEAR ONE project... one that they are seriously considering Ben Affleck for. Meanwhile the second screenplay is to be about BATMAN BEYOND... and this is the project that Keanu Reeves was talking about, believe it or not. As Warner sees it, after MATRIX 2 & 3, they'll have quite a bit invested in Keanu as a star... and they figure that the dynamics of BATMAN BEYOND will match with Keanu's brand and style. This film is in the script stage as a project that may very well move forward AFTER MATRIX 2 & 3 have completed shooting.

I have contacted a couple of in the know folks that were on the old Warner Lot up the block from the Formosa... It's real folks. It's also... Real reel quiet. Take care... this was Harry from out in the field... Gorillas in the Mist style... By the way... I highly recommend the Formosa Cafe, especially with as beautiful a dame as Ms Lynn Bracken... a fine sipper of Saki... Simply... enchanting. There ya go..

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