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HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN has wrapped, plus a fun lil bit they shot!

Hey folks, Harry here with one of those projects that AICN really got behind long before HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN was picked by Robert Rodriguez as part of his GRINDHOUSE FAKE TRAILER Sxsw Contest... what feels like AGES ago. Jason Eisener shot an amazing trailer, and there were other wonderful and amazing trailers in that contest, but it was Jason's that captured the imaginations of folks all over. We Austin geeks instantly embraced Jason and I was proud to share the stage with Rodriguez when he announced Jason's film as the winner. Hell, the trailer even got included on the DVD release. It was that good. Well now - you know about Rutger Hauer playing the title character, but today - while checking out my FACEBOOK feed, I noticed that Jason had posted a new blog over at his HoboWithAShotgun.Com! So I gleefully clicked to read about the latest adventure on set, just to learn that he's been wrapped on his shoot for 2 weeks!!! Which means, HOLY SHIT! A HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN feature film has actually been shot!!! Not only that, they've been having fun and put together this really cool, "BEHIND THE SCENES" featurette regarding Budget Cuts... any and everyone that has ever shot an Indie will know the pain:

Jason has also done a host of different spots for our other trailer and FANTASTIC FEST bumpers contests. But I just felt that we should all just give Jason a High Five for completing the feature version of the trailer which debuted on YouTube & AICN! Now head over to the website and read the blogs and find out what films helped to inspire the feature we're all clamoring for!

Just shot this photo a while ago, balancing the camera on a knee, while using one arm to hold this heavy as fuck, full length loaded shotgun while trying to take this photo. Why? Well, I was such a fan of the trailer, that when I invited Jason to attend OCTO-BUTT-NUMB-A-THON in 2008 he and a friend who works at the Alamo decided to go in on a present... A real shotgun, a box of shells and a customized stock that says what you see above on one side & "Take this you internet cocksucker!!! From The Hobos & Thomas" I keep hoping to kill an intruder with it so the film gets publicity, but our ferocious guard dog has kept the house safe... but hopefully one day... after all, this is Texas!

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