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Spierig Brothers spill a bit on POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL!!!

Hey folks, Harry here and here's a report on a recent convention in the land down under upon THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL. Not a terrible lot of news - and I know that I've heard the 'cg' character is mainly due to a 'fire' element of the creation, I believe... but take a read... at the very least you might learn what being "Boba Fetted" is all about!

Howdy Harry, I attended an Australian geek centric convention on the weekend named 'Supernova' in Sydney NSW and thought I'd let you in on a few tidbits the super cool Spierig brothers gave on their very informative Daybreakers panel regarding The Power of the Dark Crystal. I was kinda surprised that nobody had reported this info yet as I saw at least on guy behind me incessantly writing down on a notepad anytime the brothers spoke, maybe it was for community newspaper or something. Anyways I digress, so with a fractured memory caused by the traditional three day bender that follows the event to ensure that me and my friends still feel like grown ass men afterward getting giddy with excitement at the prospect of meeting Lou Ferrigno and Michael Winslow, I'll just list the details I remember. Filming will take place in Australia after approximately two of heavy pre-production. The Brothers stated that they would rather shoot in Queensland where they shot Daybreakers and utilizing , but would happily work in Sydney too. They are shooting in 3D. Original conceptual designer Brian Froud is working on the picture. They are still figuring out how much is gonna be practical versus how much will be CG, but assured us that they are using practical puppets as much as possible. Motion Capture will be utilized, they kinda hinted that it may be for a newer character to the universe. There was some deceptive talk of the Skeksis and how they would return after plight in the previous movie in one way or another... I think that was about it as far as details went. I got the feeling that the brothers obliviously love the source material and hearing them talk about it with such passion really made it sink in that this is really happening, another Dark Crystal film! The rest of the Supernova convention was action packed to say the least, I got Boba Fetted* by Boba Fett, well the kid from Attack of the Clones! He then shadow boxed me as he lead a cosplay groupie into the V.I.P area. True story. Anyways, If you use this call me Wompaone. *Boba Fetted is when a homeboy slightly tilts his head at you as a sign of mutual respect, I don't care the Urban Dictionary says!
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