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‘Right Here Behind This Horror Cloth!!’ Hercules Says Thursday’s Double-Dose Return Of FUTURAMA Brings Big Funny!!

I am – Hercules!! “Futurama” begins its run of new episodes on Comedy Central tonight. Things to know: * The first episode, written by series creator David X. Cohen, is hilarious, funnier than at least two of the made-for-DVD “Futurama” movies. The promo that’s been floating around was apparently designed to lower expectations. * Fry will formulate a plan that will remind some of “Buffy’s” fifth season and others of “Caprica’s” first. * There’s a massive mechanical cooter! * Farnsworth is forced to stick a powerful surplus doomsday device in Bender. Bender is warned: “You must burn off the doomsday energy as fast as it’s produced!” * Urinal surveillance tapes are employed. * A cyclophage preserve is visited. * Farnsworth’s poking stick alone was worth a few big laughs. * Good news, everyone! A piece of dialogue from early in the first episode is cloaked in invisotext! FRY: Fetal stem cells? Aren’t those controversial? FARNSWORTH: In your time, yes! Nowadays? Shut up!” * The second episode airing tonight, featuring a teleplay by someone named Carolyn Premish, is a Brannigan-centric parody of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and imagines what would happen if a space-collision turned an old TV V-chip into an all-powerful doomsday machine with Chris Elliott’s voice. * One episode tonight features a naked Amy while the other features an orgy-craving Amy. Both episodes feature a naked Leela. * Tonight we learn that Zapp Brannigan’s dreams are all episodes of a black and white serial titled “The Transcredible Exploits of Zapp Brannigan.” * We learn also Kif’s sighs never get old. * These are the first regular episodes since Aug. 10, 2003. Tune in, you swine! 10 p.m. Thursday. Comedy Central.
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