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Will Neil Blomkamp be THE HOBBIT director?

Hey folks, Harry here over at TheOneRing.Net, right before the turn of the day, MrCere posted a story that seems to suggest that there is a very strong and likely possibility that Neill Blomkamp could not only be in the running, but is actively looking to be the director of THE HOBBIT. I have, of course, reached out to folks I know - and have not as of yet, heard back. MrCere's overall assessment of what is going on with THE HOBBIT is extremely accurate to what I've been hearing, and folks - I wouldn't necessarily bet against TheOneRing's sources on most of the information on that story. HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING IT. I'm very curious to see what happens and what we hear. As for Neill Blomkamp directing THE HOBBIT... I can honestly say, I've no concept whatsoever that film would be. It is such a radical stylistic shift, that it leaves me with no utter concept of what THE HOBBIT by him would be. I am curious, very cinematically aroused by the notion, but curious as to what it would be. What do you folks think?

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