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NPH commands you to watch the trailer for the live action end of days known only as SMURFS

Hey folks, Harry here... And once upon a time, I thoughtlessly watched NBC's SATURDAY MORNING cartoon slate. I watched and was a very happy child, for after the cartoons, I would turn on the Atari for a couple of hours before ruling my backyard from my 3 story comic book painted castle - aided by my trusted Dachshund Dr. Demento! This was a pure period in my life where all was right. And then... they came. THE SMURFS... They came and shat Mushroom cities in my NBC Forest. I never again remained loyal to a Network. And it was THE SMURFS fault! They seemed to play for hours and hours. They took over the network bumpers. Infiltrated every school girl's backpack and lunchbox. They were everywhere. And they were grotesquely cute. And then, DONNIE DARKO kinda made SMURFS seem to be cool, what with their no privates. Oxygen depleted dwarfed eunuchs. I liked that. BUT THIS... THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD! You can see it clearly. The tell tale signs of Armageddon. Look, they got the modern Jesus, Neil Patrick Harris to introduce and star in their first volley at again capturing the world's cute dollars. And look at them. They're evil. And did you know that Katy Perry is SMURFETTE (she kissed a girl and liked it!) - beware... this is going to be huge. This is going to be the End of us all. This is


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