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UPDATE!! Here's A Look At A Robot Man Thing From TRANSFORMERS 3!!

Merrick again, again... Well, we've managed to confirm though highly knowledgeable sources that the pic below is not from TRANSFORMERS 3. This said, we've been unable to confirm that it is from REAL STEEL - so who knows what the hell we're looking at. If we figure it out, we'll let you know.

Merrick again... Note that...officially...TRANSFORMERS 3 doesn't ramp up in Chicago until early next month. Although, it's possible stand-in bots for the film might already be on-site? It's also feasible that the picture's announced schedule has changed in some way- or that we're being deliberately misdirected re: location. Looking into this, as well as possible REAL STEEL connection. More as we know more.

Merrick here...
An AICN reader called Bruiser sent in this snapshot - he/she says it's from the Chicago set of TRANSFORMERS 3.
If so, I'm guessing this is a practical stand-in for a bot that'll eventually be enlivened by CGI - but that's merely a guess. Is this some kind of mechanical man built by humans to use as army against Decepticons? Or...we've recently learned that part of the picture's plot plot involves the U.S./Russian Space Race (details HERE). Perhaps this a Russian bot of some sort - it has that weird Soyuz coloring)? All of this is merely speculation & I could be completely wrong. Just thinking out loud... Looks a little like the ABC warrior from JUDGE DREDD...

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