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Weta is now onboard a live action/animatronics adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's charming 1908 source material (HERE). They'll be working from a script by Bill Marsilii, who wrote DEJA VU and recently enjoyed a splashy acquisition his space adventure LIGHTSPEED by Disney/Bruckheimer (LIGHTSPEED was co-authored by Terry Rossio).
Ray Griggs ("Super Capers," "I Want Your Money") will direct and produce the $30 million feature, based on the 1908 tale by Kenneth Grahame. Richard Taylor will handle special effects, and Kim Sinclair will be production designer. [EDIT] In the Marsilii script, the animals join forces to save their land from a sinister plot that threatens to destroy the uneasy truce between the peaceful animals of the Willows and what remains of Mankind. Story begins when Mole ventures out of his lonely home for the first time and finds a world of new friendships, wonders and adventure waiting for him in the land of the Willows.
...says Variety HERE. I was crazy for this material as a kid and, growing up as the incorrigible Geek that I was, often imagined that someday the stars would align (and technology would advance to the point) where we'd see an adaptation similar to this one. There's so much room for so much amazing warmth and elegance here. But what's with that "remains of mankind" comment? It's been a while since I read it, but I totally dont' recall that angle in the book. Not much from the book needs to be changed here to make this film workable and wonderful - hope they don't go about "reinventing" this just for the sake of doing so. Really eager to see how this shakes out... Toad driving car! Toad driving car!

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