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Rumor of the Day: New titles for the next installments of DIE HARD and FANTASTIC FOUR? Oh and I bring up some EXPENDABLES stuff

Hey folks, Harry here back home in Austin... THANK GOD! Aruba is pretty much paradise, until U.S. Homeland Security's 2nd set of searches, obstacle courses, broken machinery, baggage reclaim, customs, etc. BUT their total halfass'd job of searching folks didn't result in the plane exploding. Not this time, but seriously - what a joke. I say this because right before I got on the plane, I heard a rumor about the titles for the new proposed DIE HARD film - and my brain was all John McClaning it afterwards. The word we're hearing is that it will be DIE HARD 24/7 and FANTASTIC FOUR REBORN. Now - I'm not exactly crazy about either of those, so that's kinda why I absolutely believe the rumor. It is funny - while I was in Aruba, there was this awesome journalist from Venezuela that was just a geek through and through. Ricardo just couldn't stop hoping that the new DIE HARD would restore his love for all things McClane - and I told him that I had recently talked with Stallone, who told me he showed the finished film to Arnold and Bruce, both of whom apparently went gaga for it, but that Willis called him a couple days later to tell him how much the movie has really hit something right on in him. And I told Ricardo that I really hoped that what Bruce was reacting to - was seeing a movie about real 'uber' men being badasses. You see - Sly also told me definitively that EXPENDABLES is crazy hard R, "I got people being torn apart in this" - and that watching a film with so much real on set practical badassery - combined with a very sparing use of CG - might have refired Bruce's desire to get it right with this next DIE HARD. At least... one could hope. As for FANTASTIC FOUR REBORN... we hear this is a complete reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR - and though I've ragged like a mutherfucker on FOX for years... I actually do think AVATAR might've been a huge lesson for the studio. It should be. If you've been watching a lot of the post-AVATAR hiring decisions at FOX - they've started working with really great folks and I'm hearing that "quality" might be a new precious commodity. I'm not saying that in about a year, everything that FOX is making is gonna be GOLD... but my cynicism about that studio has changed to a genuine sense of curiosity. Let's see who they get for these projects. I'm betting they're not going to dredge the bottom of the ocean floor this time out.

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