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Merrick here...
Neal McDonough should be joining the cast of Joe Johnston's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.
McDonough is in talks to play Dum Dum Dugan.
...says Nikki Finke/Deadline HERE. Geeks would immediately recognize Neal as Lieutenant Hawk in STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT - he's the ship driver who got Borgified and blasted by Worf. He also appeared as the asshole badguy in Dwayne Johnson's WALKING TALL remake, as "Buck" Compton in BAND OF BROTHERS, has shown up in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and much more. 2 December, 2007. Merrick's Woman and I are watching TIN MAN on SyFy (still The Sci Fi Channel at that point). Merrick's Woman sees Neal McDonough on that show, looking intense and wearing a hat.
MERRICK'S WOMAN (to Merrick): He looks a lot like you. A few moments later... McDonough removes his hat, stands there looking all heroic and shit. MERRICK'S WOMAN (to Merrick): Actually, he doesn't look like you. He's cute.
Three years later... I still call her on this. Three years later, she still says "That's not what I meant!" Despite being such intimidating competition, Neal's a pretty cool actor and it should be alot of fun seeing him become Dum Dum. Wait, that's not what I meant...
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