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Johnny Depp Gets A Sidekick (And There's A New Boat) ON STRANGER TIDES!!

Merrick here...
Stephen Graham (Tommy in SNATCH) will be Johnny Depp's "sidekick" in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES.
He'll portray Scram, a Machiavellian pirate in Disney's fourth installment of the franchise in which Sparrow seeks out the fountain of youth.
...says Variety HERE. Graham worked with Johnny Depp on Michael Mann's PUBLIC ENEMIES, where he portrayed Baby Face Nelson. He'll soon appear as another historical crime figure - Al Capone - in HBO's BOARDWALK EMPIRE.
In related news, an AICN reader called DaMighty 20 sent in two hastily nabbed pics of a new boat from the 4th film. Check out that skeleton mounted to the forward facing sticky outy thing (is that part called the "bowsprit"?) These pics are EMBIGGENABLE (sorry Trazadone).
We appreciate DaMighty 20 for taking the time to send these in.
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