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Ready To Get Pounded By THOR's Hammer??

Merrick here...
Yesterday, we got our first look at one of Captain America's costumes from Joe Johnston's forthcoming film (HERE). Collider now has some images of Chris Hemsworth as Thor from Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of, well, THOR. This nicely matches THE INTRODUCTORY HEADSHOT we glimpsed a few weeks back. Click his hammer to EMBIGGEN it!
You can find another image of the hammer swinger HERE. Collider's THOR pics are clearly of the same ilk as the Cap images revealed yesterday. Some comments have been made that all of these images look like they've been processed in some way - i.e. they may be a somewhat constructed image and not literally an actor in costume. This assessment is, quite likely, accurate because it's concept art. Our understanding is that all of these pics (Cap and Thor) were generated internally by The Powers That Be as final design studies & what not - and/or as a means to better visualize/illustrate the characters for merchandising proposes, etc. I.e. they're real in the sense that they're as close as you can get to "real" photos, and are used officially in a demonstrative capacity. Assuming/guesing we'll see full-on stuff as we approach ComicCon - mid Julyish, perhaps? THOR clobbers us May 6, 2011.
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