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Merrick again, again... PLEASE NOTE: the images below are now rather EMBIGGENABLE!!!

Merrick again... Mike Sampson over at JoBlo has confirmed that the pieces appearing below are the same images/designs he saw last week. I.e. the ones he described so wonderfully in THIS ARTICLE, which lead to the reader submitted mock-ups we covered yesterday.
Ain't It Cool posted some art today that aren't just fan mockups - these are the real deal.
...says Mike/JoBlo HERE. Toldya these "would be well worth sharing with you." Ladies and gentlemen, Captain America! Personally, I think the suit looks pretty great. Evokes the right retro vibe while looking modern enough to not be cheesy. I dig it. And, another tip-of-the-hat to Broly's Legend for letting us get a look at these.

Merrick here...
Yesterday we linked out to JoBlo's detailed description of the suit from Joe Johnston's CAPTAIN AMERICA movie (HERE). JoBlo's coverage also included readers' artistic interpretations of the costume based upon the site's write-up of the same. Below, you'll find more art of Cap's suit (from an entirely different origin and source) rendered with much more detail, and with much more clarity, than anything else we've seen to date. These came to us via an AICN reader called Broly's Legend, who contextualized these pieces in a way that...made us pretty sure they would be well worth sharing with you. Know ye that these be EMBIGGENABLE!

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